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Navy hits Iranian drone, says Trump

WASHINGTON: The Senate's motion against US President Donald Trump failed and he was acquitted by both of his accusations, including misuse of powers and obstruction of Congress.

According to US media, after the failure of the movement, the US president will remain in office.

The 100-member Senate got 52 votes in opposition to President Trump's abuse of power article and 48 in support, while 47 voted against the opposition for the House of Representatives, and 53 in opposition.

The 100-member House needed two-thirds majority to send Trump out of office.

Mitt Romney was the only Republican senator who voted against Trump in voting for an article on abuse of power.

President Trump was accused by Democrats of pushing the Ukrainian president to launch a corruption investigation against his political opponent, Biden.

The US president called the prosecution a "political revenge" against him.

He will be the first president in the history of the United States to run for president once again in November this year, after facing an incumbency.

Attempts to oust US Presidents by means of compensation

In 230-year-old American history, many presidents have sought to be removed from office by means of an election.

Before President Trump, three presidents were elected, two failed against him, and one resigned before the impeachment proceedings.

US presidents including George Washington, John Taylor, Herbert Hoover, George Bush, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama were threatened with removal by their political opponents, but to date, only three US presidents in US history over the last 230 years. Has been appointed.

In 1868, President Andrew Johnson was accused of abusing the powers. In the Senate, he managed to save his presidency by one vote.

In 1974, President Richard Nixon faced lawsuit over the Watergate scandal.

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Richard Nixon has been accused of spying on his political opponents in a world-renowned scandal.

People who were suspicious of the Nixon administration were also spied on. The FBI, CIA and IRS were used as political weapons.

The scandal also resulted in 69 people being charged and 48 of them found guilty. Most of them were members of the Nixon administration.

The investigation was conducted by the Senate Water Gate Committee. The matter continued for long in the courts.

When President Nixon became convinced that the House of Representatives and the Senate would run for him, he resigned on August 9, 1974.

For the last time, Nixon insisted that no one in the White House administration was involved in the scandal.

Bill Clinton faced impeachment in 1998 for alleged links to White House official Monica Lewinsky and forcing Monica Lewinsky to remain silent.

In 1993, Clinton and her First Lady Hillary were the Department of Justice investigating the White Water controversy. In 1994, Clinton was sued by Paul Jones for sexual harassment. Bill Clinton also managed to escape the controversy.

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