Exploring top outdoor activities in Philadelphia

Exploring top outdoor activities in Philadelphia
Exploring top outdoor activities in Philadelphia

Exploring top outdoor activities in Philadelphia

Find a plethora of enjoyable outdoor activities. Explore like hiking, biking, walking, jogging, and many more. Appreciate famous historic ships set fast from this Delaware Riverfront to the shore.

Exploring new places feasibly is said to be a key feature of smart traveling. It may sound doublespeak if one says sustainable tourism is easy, but it is possible in Philadelphia because one can execute worthwhile travel there.  Despite the season, fortunately, Philadelphia welcomes you to have fun outdoors. Be it summer, spring, or winter, you can find a plethora of enjoyable outdoor activities. Let’s find out what are those activities in this article. Book cheap flights to Philadelphia at Indian Eagle and explore these outdoor activities during your holiday in Philadelphia.

Pay visit to Dilworth Park

Situated at the foot of City Hall, Dilworth Park is a multi-faceted space, where you can enjoy an outdoor cafe, a large green area an added programmable fountain, and many more. Visitors can relax in a large space, having hot beverages, snacks, and salads in the cafe or enjoy watching movies on screens. Transformed in recent years, this 120, 557 space has become an affordable center for visitors and topped the ‘must-do things in Philadelphia’ list. In winters, the visitors can ramble in the thick of Winter garden or just warm up and relish on cocktails and snacks in the Rothman Institute Cabin. Warmer months anyway offer drop-in fitness classes, musical programs, and movie screenings.

Address: 1 South 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102, United States.

Go on a hike at Fair-mount Park

Spread over more than 1900 acres, Fair mount Park is the perfect choice to go on a hike during your Philadelphia tour. Visitors find ample options to explore like hiking, biking, walking, jogging, and many more. You can also explore Please Touch Museum, Six Historic Mansions (Laurel Hill, Cedar Grove, Lemon Hill, Mount Peasant, Wood ford & Strawberry), Kelly Drive, and MLK Jr. Drive. The Horticulture Center, an exhibition hall is located in Fair mount Park which is a must-visit. Get cheap flights to India from USA.[1] 

Address: Reservoir Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19119, United States.

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Experience outdoors at the Delaware Riverfront:

Appreciate famous historic ships set fast from this Delaware Riverfront to the shore; Becuna, USS Olympia, a World War II submarine to name a few. Learn how these large vessels saw warfare and carried soldiers. Among these cruisers, USS Olympia is known as the only survived ship in the naval fleet launched during American-Spanish War. Another popular keel is Mosholu, which is the oldest one in the history of ships and now it is entertaining tourists being a restaurant giving a gorgeous view of the Delaware River. Pop-up Park settled along the Delaware River offers you plenty of lawn games like beanbag toss, life-sized chess, amusement rides, creative play through art, mini-golf, and a lot more.

Address: 121 N, Columbus Blvd and Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, United States

Wissahickon Valley Park:

You don’t get enough time to complete the recreational activities in the Wissahickon Valley Park! There is an abundance of opportunities to explore the park. The robust trails offer you biking, running, hiking, and walking through its lush forests. Bird watching and fishing are the most loved activities for travelers who visit the park often.  Natives visit the park more often and enjoy their picnic with the family. The park has no restrictions on picnicking and hence it is one of the most visited outdoors in Philadelphia for many family people. In your Wissahickon tour, you find the various bird and animal species that rely on Wissahickon meadows and forests for food

Address: Valley Green Road, Philadelphia, PA  19128, United States.

Stroll through the Outdoor Art Gallery of Philadelphia

The public art in Philadelphia compels you to fall in love with the art spread everywhere in the city; streets, museums, art galleries, and whatnot. Several graffiti artists were invited to present their artistry and the collection of their art now became the world’s largest art gallery. You will find beautiful sculptures, mosaics, murals, street arts throughout Philadelphia which make your trip to discover the outdoors of Philadelphia a worthy one. The Association for Public Art is meant to be encouraging artists and the Museum Without Walls has awe-struck sculptures and the visitors can learn about the artists and their procedures with the help of a mobile app. The fun part is you can go on a bike-walking tour through the Museum of Art, The Horticulture Center, City Hall, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, university City, Rittenhouse Square, and Kelly drive. The Mural Art Program began to focus on the local graffiti skills and will leave you in awe with its amazing artwork on the streets. You can opt for a guided public tour on foot a self-guided tour or a private tour as you want.


Appreciate the Philadelphia Magic Gardens

Being a priceless attraction in South Street, Philadelphia Magic Gardens lures visitors with its one million sq ft of the fully mosaiced area filled with creativity and a bit cranky artwork. This artwork included bicycles, bottles, cement, colorful shards, and other quirky things in it and settled in South Street majorly. Sustainably discovering the outdoors of Philadelphia is no wonder as we discussed many outdoors that are pocket-friendly.

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