Iran-refrains-from-action-against-protesters-Trump || worlds trending news

Iran refrains from action against protesters, Trump ||worlds trending

Iran-refrains-from-action-against-protesters-Trump || worlds trending news

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump warned after Iran mistakenly acknowledged the plane's downfall, warning that his country was closely watching the protests in Iran and avoiding any action against the protesters.

Following the confession, the Iranian leadership is being pressured by protesters and newspapers, while the resignations of the perpetrators are also being sought.

Earlier, police took action against protesters in Iran, in which dozens of deaths were reported.

A well-known Iranian newspaper headline on Sunday was 'apologize and resign.'

Iran has admitted to indiscriminately landing a Ukrainian ship in which 176 people were killed.

The incident took place shortly after Iran's attacks on US military bases in Iraq.

US President Donald Trump said in a Twitter message in English and Persian that he was standing with Iranian protesters.

Paying tribute to him, Trump said that since I became president, I have always stood by you and my organization will continue to support you,

Earlier, a report by the US TV channel CNN revealed that an Iranian attack on a military base in Iraq caused significant damage to US installations.

The report said that US troops in the Assad military base knew about two and a half hours before the Iranian attack that they had sought refuge in the bunkers to escape.

The report revealed that shortly after receiving information about the attack, most of the soldiers either left the military base or moved to the existing bunkers.

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