The most difficult job is that of a private teacher.

I want to talk about the life of a private teacher. Working hours of private tutors.


From the time of the assembly, the process of physical and mental destruction of the private teacher begins. Arrive fifteen minutes ahead of time so that the architects of the nation are already there to receive you. If you delay one minute, a circle will appear on the attendance register. And three such circles means a complete absence. This means Zionist justification for deducting a full day's salary.

Get students out of class early in the morning. Then go to class with them in line. Stay together like a shadow (watchman) even during break time. You are a highly educated janitor. Even on vacation, from leaving the classroom to going out of the gate, the responsibility lies with a private teacher. All this is in addition to teaching (for which he is paid). Is.  As if for free.

The real story of the private teacher's oppression begins in the classroom. During a long period of teaching, I kept looking for such children (students). Who are angels.  Are innocent.

Are cleansed of sins. There was hardly anyone like that.

Otherwise, the children in these English medium schools, God willing, were far ahead of the teachers in their mental abilities, talents and "skills". Be it fashion or the stories of famous characters in movies and dramas. Be it nude videos or comments on pornographic actresses. Swear to God! No teacher could reach the information, sense of humor and flirtation of these "angels".

Belonging to the highly educated and high moral values ​​of the society, the young teachers were very much interested in imitation and ridicule of accent, dress, appearance and mannerisms.

The arrogance of belonging to big houses, the eye-to-eye response to everything, the horror of the relationship with your parents' senior positions and the school administration, the orderliness in the classroom to be known as clever and confident among your peers Promote in style,

In groups, try to destroy the classroom environment and encourage others to be active for it, make noises,

Entertaining others by making obscene remarks, carrying a cell phone in a group, instantly writing a false petition against your disliked teacher for not understanding a lesson or language, threatening to call your parents and then abusing yourself Complaining of the teacher's reaction to,

Giving the teacher a kick out of school and then slapping his classmates and saying, “Look? He used to be a great teacher, how he could get a holiday by telling Mama Papa”. Explain to me which angels, what innocence? This is due to the fact that the administration is in charge of supervising the teachers

(Coordinator, Vice Principal or Principal) has also assigned the supervision of the teacher's arrival and departure to the class, teaching methods or time spent to two or three students who continue to play with a teacher regardless of the facts. I also have a lot to say about the administration, i.e. the coordinator, vice principal or principal. There are many examples of these people. An example of this is in Pakistan. Who are laughing? And there are those Arabs who are seemingly very soft-spoken and elegant in speech and appearance but are just as oppressive, ruthless and deadly in their behavior.

I would also like to use "Lind’s English" as an example. Those who have their appearance, dress, language and style are British but from within they are the policemen of Punjab, or Chaudhry, the chiefs of Sindh or the feudal lords or tribal chiefs. All they care about is their job, the preservation of their chair, and the money for the company. Obviously, when it comes, the job will continue and the salary will continue to be paid.

All the sweetness of their eyes and tongues is for the students and their parents and all their tactics and weapons are against the teachers. His motto is probably that students pay and teachers take money. So we benefit from those who give money and not from those who take it. I am not exaggerating in this. There is also an example of this. Every promise and smile of theirs is for the students and every bad news and trick is for the teachers.

They remain ignorant even after being aware of all the bad attitudes of the students, their good deeds and habits, their every immoral habit, while all the good deeds of the teachers, all their hard work, all their perfection are meaningless to them. If there is a teacher who brings a complaint, their answer is that that is why you have been hired. That's all you have to do. Just avoid using both hands and tongue (i.e. endure every abuse, disorder and rudeness by being unarmed) and if a complaint comes from a student, a warning letter, termination letter, explanatory letter and don't know which missiles are on the teachers. They always have time to fall.

They try their best to prevent the teacher or the director level from anything that could endanger our job before the teacher changes it as if one cup was broken in the kitchen and replaced with another. If you are wondering how they can run their system by firing teachers, then also know that in their drawers are piles of CVS of educated young people who are looking for a job and often a replacement teacher. Even before the dismissal letter is handed over. There can be no greater manifestation of selfishness and hypocrisy. In order to take education to its highest standard, put the teacher under the workload like an animal so that no matter how hard he gets, his mission statement is. Sitting at home for hours in the evening for the whole week and then preparing daily lessons, preparing lesson activities, managing resources is robbing a private teacher even at that time which was for his family. Participating in marriage grief, Was out for shopping, hanging out with friends. No other job requires it. This is unfortunately the fate of a private teacher. For a private teacher, a day off is like Eid and a holiday evening is like a calf standing ready to be slaughtered at a butcher's shop. My mission is to raise the voice of such teachers. And for that I will need your suggestions. May God be with you all.

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