New Malware Can Steal Passwords from VPN and Browsers





A program or a file that is harmful to a computer is known as malware. Different types of malware are computer viruses, spyware and Trojans etc. With the help of these harmful programs or files, hackers can perform a wide variety of tasks. They can use this malware to steal the private information, delete the sensitive information and hijack the core computing components etc. By using malware, hackers can also keep track of the activities of users without their permission. To protect our online activities on the internet, we use various techniques. First, we try to protect our online activities by using the techniques of private browsing. Secondly, we also try to protect our online activities by installing a VPN service.


You will be stunned to know the discoveries of the security researchers. According to them, Agent Tesla malware has added some new modules in their systems. With the addition of these new modules, this malware is capable to steal the private information and credentials from the most secured apps. In these most secured apps, there come VPN software and web browsers etc. This report is showing is that instead of using VPN software, our online activities are not secured on the internet. This news will not be shocking for the common internet users. They don’t have enough concern about their security on the internet. Anyhow, large enterprises and organizations have lots of concerns about this news. They pay enough attention to the security of their data and information. To secure their data and information, they are spending a huge amount of money on the premium VPN services.


First of all, this malware was detected in 2014. It is a key-logger and information stealer malware. It has gained enough familiarity in the field of hacking during the last two years. This malware was sold in the community of cyber-criminals. They have also sold this malware on the various forums of hackers. After buying this malware, hackers have used it to steal private information and data of the users. After that, they have started to sell their management panel to the customers. By using the management panel of this malware, the customers can sort out the data that is being stolen by this malware.


Chris Green walty is the senior threat researcher at a dissertation help firm. He has analyzed several samples of Agent Tesla. After analyzing these samples, he has discovered the dedicated code that this malware is using to collect app configuration data and user credentials. He has also provided insightful information about these new modules of this malware in a blog post. In this blog post, he has provided a list of the best malware removal software. He has also provided a list of the best VPN services that can protect private information and data of the users against this malware attack. He has also provided a list of the anonymous web browsers that are available in the market.


Jim Walter has also concluded its discoveries in the form of a paragraph. First of all, he has asked that Agent Tesla is using various stages of attacks to steal credentials of the victims. Secondly, it is working as low-level criminals. Its main cause is that its management persistently to manipulate the victim’s devices is attractive for the low-level criminals only. Now, Agent Tesla is also helpful for us to configure the data and information for the low-level criminals only. He has also claimed that this malware has also the ability to extract the information from the registry. This malware can also extract the information from the configuration and support files that are attached to this registry. These things are showing that users should secure their private information on all the platforms.


The analysts of the Sentinel-one has also revealed some useful information about different variants of Agent Tesla. According to them, Agent Tesla is also stealing credential information of the users from the most secured applications. In these applications, there comes Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera etc. All of them are known as the most secured web browsers on the internet. If these web browsers are not providing the security of the information, no one can provide the security of the information on the internet. Along with these web browsers, these analysts have also provided a list of the VPNs that are failed to secure the information of their clients. In these VPNs, the most important VPN is Open VPN.


After harvesting the credential and app configuration information from the targeted VPN or web browser, Agent Tesla delivers this information to its C2 server. This information is delivered to its C2 server via FTP or STMP. They use these credentials that are present in its internal configuration. In his blog post, Walter has also revealed that these variants are just like retrieve secondary executable. They can easily inject these variants in the targeted host. Agent Tesla is here for lots of years. As it has included new modules in its malware, therefore, they will use these modules to steal the information for lots of years. If we want to secure our data on the internet, we have to create encryptions against these security modules. For this reason, web browsers and VPN service providers should take immediate actions. If they don’t take immediate actions against these modules, they have to face lots of problems.


If VPN software and web browsers can’t ensure the privacy of our online activities, we have to take some measures to save our data and information from the attack of malware. First, you should restore all the impacted files. To restore the files, you can use a good backup. When you restore these files, you can regain access to your data. Phishers will try to play various tricks to install the malware in your system. You should be aware of these tricks and you should not share private information with anyone via email, phone call or instant message. You can also use a strong firewall to protect your data from the attack of hackers. You should also use the trick of content scanning and filtering to save your valuable data from the attack of hackers. 

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