Adventure Tourism in Pakistan: Foreign tourists who like to stay in tents instead of Five Star Hotel

Adventure Tourism in Pakistan: Foreign tourists who like to stay in tents instead of Five Star Hotel

'We have toured adventures in many countries of the world. But as much fun as it did in Pakistan, it never came. Next year we will spend more time here. '

The words came from her husband, a Polish expeditioner from Poland who was a tourist laborer Magdalena Mandela who camped at the foot of the world's highest mountain for winter adventures.

The Northern Territories of Pakistan have everything that a tourist and especially adventurous enthusiasts can do.

Mazor Magdalena Mandela is a tourist who travels every year for adventure or adventure tours in some country on her annual holidays.

The US magazine CN Traveler, which is considered authoritative for tourism, had declared Pakistan the best destination for tourism a few days ago. Best Location.

Samuel Johnson, co-president of the British Backpacker Society, told the BBC that Pakistan has been declared the third best place in the world for adventure tourism after receiving votes from its members. He said his members included famous and experienced adventurers, whose views are considered to be the case in the world of adventure tourism.

What is an adventure tourism?
Michael Worrall, another co-president of the British Backpacker Society, said adventure tourism involves everything that no ordinary tourist does. The general tourist wants to relax and enjoy all sorts of amenities, shake some days and go back to his home and work.

On the other hand, adventure tourists or adventure enthusiasts find themselves in trouble. He goes to places where even ordinary people do not like to go and live.

He said that exploring new valleys and hills in any location, even bringing new cultures, dying civilizations, food, languages ​​to the world is called adventure tourism.

Samuel Johnson and Michael Worrall, co-founders of the British Backpackers Society, along with locals
According to Nick Nam Karim, former general secretary of the Pakistan Tour Operators Association, adventure tourism was only a few years ago
Adventure in the mountains, valleys and deserts is an adventure. But now, bicycling or hiking is also a big part of adventure tourism.

Adventure Tourism in Pakistan
After 9/11 in Pakistan practically foreign tourists stopped visiting Pakistan, but the campaign that tourists also came to Pakistan during this time.

According to official data, about 18,000 foreign tourists came to Pakistan in 2018, while the same number was around 6,000 and 7,000 in 2014 and 2015. In 2016 and 2017 there were 10 and 11 thousand respectively.

According to the Pakistan Tour Operators Association, there were a total of 1232 foreign campaigns for adventure tourism in 2018. In which 41 groups came for mountain adventures. Of them there were 350 members, while for tracking, 150 groups came out which had 882 members.

In 2017, a total of 1161 campaigns came to Pakistan. Of them, 304 were for mountain adventures and 857 for trekking. 705 in 2016, 539 in 2015, 660 in 2014 and 532 in 2013.

The unofficial number is 621 in 2019 but it is said that this year the number may be higher than the previous years.
In the winter, I saw that camps were set up at the foot of the Kew. Now these camps are throwing dirt in there as well. Other high mountains, including KT, are more valuable than gold and gems. If there is dirt there, then this valuable asset will be in danger. There will also be steps to save this precious wealth. ”

Alpine Tour Operator Mohammad Ali believed that foreigners are very worried about the name of security.
He said there were few medical, convenience and information centers for tourists, and their numbers should increase.

Samuel Janssen believed that the number of hotels, etc., in Pakistan and the Northern Territories was very low and the rent was very high. When visiting Islamabad and then the Northern Territory, they were paying a nightly rent from $ 100 to $ 200.

He said that these rents are much higher than the rest of the world, modern countries and then neighboring countries of Pakistan and proper rentals have to be set up.

Michael Worrall said that professionals and adventurers are familiar with the high mountains of Pakistan, but on the contrary, for those who are not familiar and enthusiastic new campaigners. Pakistan should launch its own international brand, connect and facilitate international tour companies.

According to the well-known name Karim, tourism has become an industry and profession, therefore it needs trained people, but there are very few institutes in Pakistan where there is any training provided for tourism.

'Tracking guide licenses have been issued to some 400 people at present, of which only about 100 are active, but unfortunately the tracking guide and guide are not properly trained. Because of this, foreign tourists often bring with them a tracking guide, which is also expensive, which in turn increases the costs of the group. '

He said the government should immediately open training centers where local experts should be trained by calling international experts. Likewise, guides, hotels, drivers, waiters should all get this training so that incoming tourists can be satisfied and also create employment opportunities in the local population.

What is Pakistan doing?
Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Chairman Election Alam said complaints of problems were found in the online visa application, after which meetings were held with the Interior Ministry and the Foreign Ministry. They claimed it would be improved in the coming days.

He said that a policy is being made to address the shortage of trained people in various sectors of tourism, especially adventure tourism, and to provide domestic and international investors with a conducive environment for investing in tourism. Similarly, the government is in touch with international tour operators.

He said that facilities and plans are underway to attract swimmers and divers.

He added that the government also wants to see what environmental problems will arise if we allow a large number of people to go to the mountains for adventure tourism.

According to the Pakistan Tour Operators Association, foreign expeditions that mostly go to Baltistan, Hunza, Diamer, Astor, Ghazar, Chitral, Swat and Naran Kaghan.
Mandela and her husband along with their tour guide in Pakistan
Samuel Joynson said when we went to the northern part of Pakistan, the hospitality was very impressed. 'We had dinner many times at the invitation of the locals and they had guests at night. It was also an adventure for us. Our interest in local clutter and mortgages was also of interest to us. '

Karim said the way the government wants to introduce tourism as an industry and work for it. If that is possible, tourism in Pakistan is estimated to generate $ 10-15 billion in revenue in the future, with $ 5 to 6 billion revenue expected to come from adventure tourism.

Problems regarding adventure tourism in Pakistan
Majdalina Mandela, a laborer, said that Pakistan should make it easier for foreigners to obtain visas than make good decisions.

She said that applying for a visa online had to fill in so many forms that my husband and I were fed up. But for the hobby, I had to fill out complicated forms and then wait a long time. At one point it seemed that maybe our vacation would be over but this step would not be over.

According to him, neither the porters nor Quli at the foot of the toe were very well trained.

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