27 Pakistanis sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia jails

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I do not want to meet Indian counterpart, Shah Mahmood Qureshi
ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has written to the National Assembly that 27 Pakistani prisoners are still sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Foreign Secretary's written reply, 20 Pakistanis were hanged in Saudi Arabia in 2019. Of the 20 Pakistanis who were convicted, 17 were accused of drugs, killing two people and raping one.

According to the Foreign Secretary's written reply, two Pakistani nationals were hanged in a drug case in 2018.

In a written reply submitted to the National Assembly, the Foreign Minister said it was difficult to determine the number of prisoners executed on suspicion.

According to the Justice Project Pakistan, the number of Pakistanis imprisoned in jails in different countries around the world is more than 11,000 while only 7,000 are imprisoned in Arab countries.

Remember that Saudi Arabia's Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman said at the end of his visit to Pakistan last year that he felt it his duty to release Pakistani prisoners in Saudi Arabia. A significant number of Pakistanis were released from Saudi prisons after the declaration of the Wali Ahad Prince.

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