12 Trends to Copy in Kitchen Storage Design


12 Trends to Copy in Kitchen Storage Design

12 Trends to Copy in Kitchen Storage Design

12 Trends to Copy in Kitchen Storage Design

Regardless the size of their kitchens, many rookie homeowners struggles with right storage management.
Having no idea where to put their appliances and how to coordinate the organization of minor stuff like pots, pans, and utensils, they end up having their genuinely capacious space cluttered and frustrating.

Fortunately, the contemporary interior design comes with a great deal of segregating solutions for various kitchen styles.  If you are in Kolkata should go for best kitchen interior layout designer in Kolkata to get help.

To help you understand main key points of the respective space management in the kitchen, we have prepared 12 trends you should immediately transfer to your storage design.

1. Begin with general clean-ups

Even small clutter can set fire to enormous messes, so it is of paramount importance that you remember to pull out the trash bag and do the general surface clean-up at least once a week.

After that chore is done, you may direct your efforts to your main storage areas, which are:

·         Fridge: Remove old leftovers, items whose expiration date is over, including seasonings and gravy.

·         Freezer: Remember that the storing date depends on the type of meat, so if you have fish that is in your freezer for more than 3 months, you’d better get rid of them. Poultry, on the contrary, has the longest lasting term. Nevertheless, you should also dispose of  expired desserts and ice cream.

·         Pantry: Remove the outdated cereal, rice, canned goods, sauces, and spices. The outdated pantry makes an ideal environment for the growth of food parasites.

·         Cabinets: Get rid of old sponges, as they produce the unpleasant stench of a mould into the surroundings. Disinfect your storage containers by scalding in hot water first.

2. Use slender pull-outs to fill the space between certain areas

As a savvy homeowner, you should be able to fill any strange gap in your kitchen with a pull-out organizer. Although it is a no-brainer, many people don’t know how to make the best use of it.

If you have any gaps between your range and counters, you are free to tuck a slender pull out with a towel rack. This will help you keep your linens matched and put int the right order.

Should you have a tiny space between two appliances, a pull out with cutlery will come in handy. It’s much more useful and convenient than a typical block for knives, as it’s easier to reach out for them.

By the rule of the thumb, you should also fill any space between your refrigerator with a pull out pantry.

3. Treat Your Pet as A Family Member with A Pet-Friendly Kitchen

Nowadays, we treat our pets like family, which means it would be amazing if you created a separate eating area for your pupil. As crazy as it may seem for a small kitchen to have such an upgrade, you can think of a smaller pet food drawer into the underused cabinet. It will save you precious square meters and will definitely enhance the eating routine of your cat/dog. Finally, it’s easy to hide, so you can leave the cooking area uncluttered with one toe-kick after you fed your pets.

4. Keep your countertops clean and stow away small appliances

Your countertop shouldn’t be cluttered with small appliances that may very well place somewhere else, in a more space-saving way. This way, they will look more appealing. On the other hand, given the frequency with which you cook, it may be difficult to keep them clean.

On second thought, getting rid of minor dirt and clutter is only the tip of the iceberg. The hardest nut to crack is to store your small appliances. In order to do so, you will have to take them into the dedicated closet, for instance. Larger cabinets will be of assistance, thanks to their storage capability. Only there will you be able to store your grill, blender, food processor, juice, waffle maker, toaster, or any other small appliance that have to be kept invisible.

5. Use drawer organizers to keep the track of your tools

If you are passionate about cooking, your professional equipment most likely goes beyond the imagination of an average Bob. However, with great power comes great responsibility, hence you will have to reorganize your drawers by putting all your utensils in the right order. The most important part of the process is to divide your cooking tools into categories, depending on the material they’re made of, or the purpose they serve.

No longer will you have to struggle with finding your favourite knife, as it will stand out in among other knives in a separate organizer. Drawer organizers can be incorporated into any space in your kitchen area so that you can maintain order in the environment that is prone to chaos.

If you want to find a suitable drawer organizer, measure the space in your drawers so that you can order the right piece without bothering yourself with second thoughts after the purchase.

6. Add a free-standing pantry cabinet

If you are lucky enough to live in a house that has a kitchen spacious enough to put a free-standing pantry cabinet, we’d suggest that you take the advice seriously.

First and foremost, a free standing cabinet is a doorway to increasing your kitchen storage without going, big spender.  By adding such a piece of furniture, you will create a separate room for your pantry, allowing other pieces of your equipment or appliances to be placed where they truly belong. In addition, many manufacturers offer extra counter space that homeowners can use for the aforementioned small appliances or for food preparation. This is one of our most favorite solutions for improving the kitchen storage space.

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7. Use capacious multipurpose baskets to beautify your storage space

Not only are baskets one of the cheaper storage solutions out on the market, but they are also one of the better-looking depot units. You can use them for storing dishcloths, spices, fruits, vegetables or whatever items you want to keep there.

Multipurpose baskets are usually made out of wicker; it is a very resilient material, and its basic appearance yearns for some artistic touch on the material.

You can keep them everywhere, on a multi-level stage. We’ve heard about cases, in which the last basket was placed so high in the kitchen, that the owner had to stand on a chair to reach it. One of the most practical, yet unexpected storage solutions for wicker baskets is the sink area, where you can place all your detergents and cleaning stuff.

8. Invest in storage jars

Back in the days, I had a huge problem with placing all the rice, pasta, flours, and other cooking ingredients in one place. No matter how organized I tried to be and how logically I tried to act, all my effort went down the drain.

Fortunately, I finally got enlightened by the idea of using storage jars. To begin with, they are visually attractive. Furthermore, they annihilate the mess create by dropping food items around your cabinets. And the last but not least, you can easily tag them with sticky labels.

9. Paint a part of your wall with chalkboard paint for a DIY kitchen section

The chalkboard paint is one of the hottest objects of modern interior design, especially when it comes to Scandinavian decor. It is relatively cheap and its texture allows you to write stuff with

chalk-like markers on its surface. Ensure the area for the chalkboard wall to be large enough to place a pot rack there, write your favorite food recipes, set your own herb garden, or give into your artistic lust for improvisation. If you are a parent and you need your children to get occupied with something fun and, at the same time, creative, let them into the kitchen and escape it as soon as possible!

10. Install corner drawers for your awkward corners

As weird as it may sound, some kitchens just have awkward corners that feel empty but, on the other hand, are disturbing when it comes to filling the remaining space with anything, so you usually think “okay, nuts to that, I’m out of here!”.

Fear not, dear reader, for the necessity is the mother of inventions and there are some pretty kickass corner drawers that save as a creative solution for your awkward corners. These drawers run into the corner diagonally, which makes them deeper than most drawers and, therefore, allows you to pack a bigger storage stuff there.

11. Don’t go overboard with utensils

There is a common issue that touches nearly every household when it comes to storage problems in the kitchen. People tend to keep and collect stuff like plates, utensils, glassware or old, used up equipment. What they don’t realize is that no matter how sentimental they are, by amassing such numbers of hardware, you will only clutter the space that could have been managed way better.

To keep your drawers organized, you’d better go spartan, when it comes to collecting utensils and cooking equipment. Get rid of the stuff as soon as you feel it’s not so useful anymore and creates more chaos instead serving you well. The same rule applies for utensils; you would have to be the Queen of England to make use of the ever-growing pile of forks, knives and spoons in the kitchen.

12. Make use of  the window sill

After you declutter your kitchen, sort out all your equipment and hide your seatings under the kitchen island, there is the last thing that is worth paying attention to, when storage space is concerned. We should definitely highlight a narrow, yet functional window sills area.

9 times out of 10, you will put some minor plants there, along with casual theme decor. What you want to consider, is buying a few aroma candles, preferably the ones with the coffee scent, located near your coffee machine.

On the left and right sides, you can place small wicker baskets for storing fruits and vegetables, and a country-like piece of decor in the very middle of your window sill will make a delightful focal point.

Achieving the balance

All in all, setting up and maintaining the right storage scheme is all about planning and dividing the room. First of all, declutter the space that strikes the eye at first glance, i.e. get rid of the dirt, sweep the floor, and leave your countertops appliance-free. After that, take care of your cabinets for your kitchen utensils and cooking hardware. Finally, when you are done with rearranging the space of your kitchen, think of additional storage pieces to improve both the design and the usability features.

Remember to be consistent with your work; If you forget about maintaining the proper cleaning and decluttering routine, you may end up having serious storage issues and a couple of stress related headaches.

What are your space saving solutions that you can’t do without in your kitchen? How did you get inspired to organize the space in such a way?

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