How Electronic Voting machine (EVM) works | Why Opposition afraid of it | Imran Khan Exclusive


How Electronic Voting machine (EVM) works  Why Opposition afraid of it  Imran Khan Exclusive

How Electronic Voting machine (EVM) works | Why Opposition afraid of it | Imran Khan Exclusive

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, Islam Aleekam Navi, you watch the YouTube channel. Supporting Some Parties Supporting on WhatsApp Also Wanted in a City of Media Wanted Electronic Voting Machine Remaining The Traditional Political Party of Pakistan They Are Opposing It I Don't Want It Electronic voting machine does not even want to come. Parties are also running away from it. Electronic voting machine is a brick. Why do you want to meet Imran Khan? It will be an advantage or a disadvantage. 

It will do it. Where is it in the world? It is very important. There are questions I will give you about this machine so that it will be clear what Imran Khan wants to bring and stop Afghanistan and is it possible that if this system is brought to Pakistan then first you have to It is used in areas that are being used and used in very large countries This is happening especially in India. India has the highest number of votes in the world in India because China is not a docs but India is the second largest population in the world and I am the world's most populous country in a democracy. 

That is to say, it is not as small as the two countries. They use the MB frock cutting machine. It is used in many countries in Shen Asia. In Europe, it is also used in Arab countries. Used in Brazil in Egypt A new Amy John and Co used machine is being used then some people have been used in some for a very long time in something it can be used in the mud to ask something not to go to the heart They want to say that there is a tradition of voting on paper and it has been going on for centuries. We do not want to break this tradition but your method has its own reasons. But here we have been consoling India for years. There are a lot of them like us. How can they manage the banana election in 1982? If I had brought it for the first time, I would not have brought it. All the elections that have taken place in India in 17-18 years are being held through all the electronic voting machines. What is the method and how does this machine work?

And what are the reservations of the opposition and keep the five major reservations limited to five to six o'clock. Let us address who has done what they say is a penalty show. It will be connected. It can be hacked. Maybe I can bring software in my mobile. It can be hacked. You can fix it. They say that it becomes a sports account. So the first object is who it is. This is connected with you. It may be that others are saying that it was the same thing that is corrupt. Who voted for whom? This thing should not be called. Let someone know who voted for whom. It will be clear who has voted for whom. The second objection is not the third. Trust is not defense. How can people trust? People are coming on top of such a system. Addiction is the fifth and last time.

 They say that what is inside it can be software engineering and it can be done by asking from the heart. These are the five objections. What is the technical university of these five? Is it really possible? And in the matter of how India removed the objection, we see that first you also see and share how this machine is what it is. There are two parts to this machine. A total of one part is lying inside the polling booth. Or is it a pleasure to go and cast your vote? Be it an old man and look too big or something as the will can be designed and there is no work in it. Dozens of people can come to the election symbol of political parties but who The ones you have to put in can be put on you too. Well this boot stands next to a wire with another part which is another unit. Why didn't it lie with the president officer who has the net in it?

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