Threatening action in Pakistan-administered Kashmir: Indian Army chief's statement is routine statement: Pakistani army

Threatening action in Pakistan-administered Kashmir: Indian Army chief's statement is routine statement: Pakistani army

The statement of the head of the Indian Army is merely a flame. India's evil army chief, General Manoj Mukund Narun, told Saturday that he was talking to media representatives in the capital Delhi that the Indian parliament declared the whole of Kashmir as its share and when they were ordered to withdraw from Pakistan-administered Kashmir. If found, the army will take action in this regard.

A spokeswoman for the Pakistani Army responded on social networking site Twitter, saying that the statement of the Indian army chief's action near the Line of Control is merely a rhetoric to remove the Indian people from internal crisis. '

A Pakistani army spokesman wrote that "Pakistan's armed forces are fully prepared to respond to any Indian indulgence."

India's evil army chief, General Manoj Mukund Naroon, was throwing light on his upcoming strategy and planning as the chief of the bad army at his first media conference in Delhi. Talking about his operational priorities, he said, "As far as the army is concerned, short-term risk is infiltrated for us while long-term threat is conventional war and we are preparing for it."

According to Indian news agency ANI, General Mukund Narone said that in the coming days the focus of the army will be on quality rather than numbers.

Regarding Pakistan-administered Kashmir, he said, "As far as the POK (Pakistan-administered Kashmir) is concerned, there is a parliamentary resolution regarding that before August 5, the whole of Jammu and Kashmir is our share. This is a parliamentary resolution and if Parliament wants that area to be ours at any time and if we get any such order, it will be dealt with. ”

In addition, the new chief of the bad army, speaking on the threat of the Line of Control by the Pakistani Army and the alleged terrorists, said, “There is a lot of activity on the Line of Control. Intelligence alerts are received on a daily basis and are taken very seriously. That is why we have been able to thwart many activities and we call it BAT Action. '

Referring to the balance of forces along the China-Pakistan border, he said that equal attention was needed on both the northern and western borders.

He said six Army Apache attacker helicopters would be provided for the western border military unit because there was more danger.

"A hotline will soon be established between the Indian Director General of Military Operations and the Chinese Western Command," military chief Mukund Naroon said of the proposed hotline between India and China.

Talking about the simultaneous fighting on two fronts, he said, "One of them will be basic while the other is secondary. Whatever the core, more troops will be deployed and we would like to see no reduction on the secondary front. And that's why we have two frontal task forces. '

Gen. Makund Naroon said the focus of the training would be on preparing the army for future wars, which would be centralized and complicated. All units will be co-ordinated and taken away together.

It is to be remembered that after the retirement of Bipin Rawat, the commander of the army on December 31, 2019, General Manoj Mokand Nirvana has been given the command of the bad army.

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