Peshawar: Police arrest 'alleged plotter' of murder of Parvender Singh

Peshawar: Police arrest 'alleged plotter' of murder of Parvender Singh
Four persons, including a Hindu girl Prem Kumari, have been arrested in Peshawar on the charge of murdering a Sikh boy, Parvender Singh. Parvinder Singh has been Prem Kumari's fiance for almost eleven years and the couple is expected to marry in the next few days.

So far the cause of the murder has not been revealed. Police sources say Prem Kumari allegedly paid Rs 7 lakh to kill Parvender Singh, which is believed to have been done by rent killers.

'Call from victim's phone'
Harvinder Singh, brother of Pravender Singh, said that between last Saturday and Sunday, he received a call from Parvinder Singh's mobile phone that Parvendra Singh had been killed and his body was found lying in the right place. Parmeet Singh said that the call had come to his brother and he asked why the end was struck, so he said that the bus had been killed.

However, Permit Singh also claims that Parvinder Singh used to send his fiancee what he was earning in Malaysia so that his money would continue to accumulate here and then after marriage and marriage he would meet his expenses. According to Permit Singh, Parvendra Singh had sent the money to his fiancé from around Rs.5 lakh to Rs.35 lakh.

Parmeet Singh said Prem Kumari has been educated but his economic situation is not good, which is why he lives in a Gurdwara house.

He also says that according to local traditions, people of Hindu and Sikh communities cannot even meet with their fiancee but they are secretly mixed up, so maybe Parvinder did not tell anyone.

According to the sources he received information from Mardan, Prem Kumari took Parvinder Singh to meet him comfortably and shot him at the house where he went and then wrapped the body in bed sheets. The shining area was thrown on the outskirts of Peshawar.

Police say they launched an investigation into the scientific threat, which has also helped with mobile phone data and CCTV footage.
What does the police say?
When the local police began investigating the incident, it came to the first day that the murder was carried out in another location and the body was taken to another location. Police also said that they had begun an investigation into the scientific threat, which has also been aided by mobile phone data and CCTV footage.

Peshawar CCPO Mohammad Ali Gundapur said the murder was resolved very quickly by the police and four persons, including the victim's fiancé, were arrested. However, they did not provide any further details.

Last Sunday, when Parvender Singh's body was found near Chamkani, police said the body was wrapped in bed sheets and there were no signs of violence on the rest of the body.

Police officials hope they will be able to tell more information about this in a couple of days when the investigation is completed.

Parvinder Singh's wedding was to be held later this month. Parvinder Singh has come to know that he was a good Pashto singer and his songs are still available on YouTube.

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