LAHORE: Police have registered a case for holding a mehndi ceremony in the royal fort

LAHORE: Police have registered a case for holding a mehndi ceremony in the royal fort

Police have registered a case in the capital city of Lahore for organizing a 'without permission' mehndi ceremony in the royal fort.

The police station has registered the case under section 188 (violation of official order) of Pakistan and violation of the Marriage Function Act 2000.

On the night of January 9, a 400-year-old royal kitchen of the royal fort of Lahore and a henna was held in its premises.

The Lahore City Heritage Preservation Department, the Walled City Authority, took the stand that formal permission was not taken for the Mehndi ceremony. The department said the request sought permission for a corporate dinner.

The FIR says that the private dinner function organized by the Fatima Fertilizers in the royal fort was changed to a wedding function and the ceremony was continued till late at night, despite the prohibition by government officials.

According to the FIR, the men were barred from violating the contract several times but did not listen to it.

According to authorities, Pakistan's renowned fertilizer company Fatima Fertilize made a request to the Lahore Wall City Authority in the name of their company, according to which they had sought permission for a corporate dinner of the company.

As per the request, hundred people were told to attend the dinner and it was written that they should be allowed for the dinner from 7pm to 10pm. After that, the fertilizer company was allowed by Lahore Wald City with a fee of Rs 5 lakh and security of Rs 1 lakh.

According to the permit, the dinner was allowed in the royal kitchen of the Royal Palace of Lahore, as well as a list of prohibited items and activities, according to the Walled City Authority.

Fatima Fertilizers held a mehndi ceremony there instead of dinner on the 9th of January, after the company was allowed to function in the Lahore fort.

Can a wedding ceremony be held in the royal castle?
Talking to the BBC, DG Wald City Kamran Lashari said, "It is impossible to allow a wedding ceremony in the royal fort because it is our historical heritage."

He added, 'We only allow occasional corporate events, even in a specific premises.'

'Ceremony held in glass palace'
The news circulated on social media that the event, held on Thursday night, took place in the Glass Palace.

Denying the news, Kamran Lashari said that no ceremony was allowed in the Shesh Palace.

He further said that 'The royal kitchen was made of dirt for a long time, we cleaned the place and completed the renovation, including its construction and rebuilt it. After that, corporate events were allowed here. Despite this permission, we take care not to damage its building. ”

Legal action
DG Wald City Kamran Lashari said, "We will file an FIR against the party who lied to us. Currently, we have seized the one lakh rupees they have deposited as security. '

Police filed a case in this regard on Saturday.

After the news came to light, the Chief Secretary Punjab issued directives against the responsible. After this, Bilal Tahir, in charge of the Lahore Royal Fort, has been suspended for not stopping the function.

Social Media Consumer Response

Social media users have also been criticized for this mehndi ceremony in the royal fort. Jehan Dad Khan wrote on Twitter: 'It is horrible to have a henna ceremony in a place that is our heritage'.

Azhar wrote on his Twitter account: 'What is amazing is how one can do this. Isn't anyone going to ask? '

Similar criticisms have been received by many social media users who also wrote, 'Send photos of this mehndi to the UNESCO Heritage Department'.

It is to be noted that some parts of the Royal Fort of Lahore have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which also includes the fort's glass palace.

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