The-British-ambassador-to-Iran-was-arrested-and-released || worlds trending news

The British ambassador to Iran was arrested and released

The-British-ambassador-to-Iran-was-arrested-and-released || worlds trending news

 Iran: British ambassador arrested on suspicion of involvement in suspicious activities

 TEHRAN: Iranian authorities have arrested British ambassador Rob Machair on suspicion of involvement in the Komsakov activities.

According to foreign media, the British ambassador was allegedly involved in suspicious activities during which he was detained during a protest by students of the Emir of Kabir University in Tehran after the Iranian government confessed to killing Ukrainian aircraft. Was released.

According to sources, Iranian security forces arrested him from a shop located in front of the university. He went to meet with the student leaders.

The British Foreign Office, on the other hand, has confirmed the arrest of British ambassador to Afghanistan, Rob MacAir.

British Foreign Minister Dominique Raab says the arrest of our ambassador is an open violation of international law and diplomatic ethics.

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