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Record growth in remittances, at six-year high

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ISLAMABAD: The remittances of overseas Pakistanis have risen to a record high and reached the six-year high.

In 2019, Pakistanis abroad sent a record $ 22,000 million in remittances to Pakistan.

Zulfi Bukhari, Assistant Special Assistant for Sea Pakistanis and Development Human Resources, said that it was a demonstration of the confidence of the Pakistanis abroad that the honest leadership of their homeland.

He said that foreigners are never disappointed with the contribution of Pakistani economy.

Extreme action against illegal smokers
The Governor of the State Bank of Bangladesh Dr Raza Baqir yesterday said that Pakistan's trade deficit has decreased which is good for the country.

Addressing the e-banking awards ceremony, he said that the economic policies of the government were beginning to be seen. The current economic policies are meant to improve past economic indicators.

Reza Baqir said that the current account deficit has been reduced due to market changes to the exchange rate. The volatility of the State Bank is rising.

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