PTI: Angry members took oath to form Supremacy of Parliament Group

photo :file

Lahore: Angry members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Punjab have named their group 'Supremacy of Parliament Group'. Initially, it consisted of 20 members.

We have been told by responsible sources in the news that the angry members of the PTI have also formally called for the first meeting on January 23 by naming themselves the Super Macy's Parliament Group.

According to sources, the first meeting to be convened will focus on the dissatisfaction of the party leadership and the behavior of the bureaucracy as a special consideration.

We have been told by highly responsible sources that members of the Supremacy of Parliament group have also taken oath to the Holy Book regularly. According to sources, all members of the group have also pledged their loyalty to each other and support at all costs.

According to highly responsible sources, members of the Super Macy's Parliament Group are considering whether to give regular media briefings after the first formal meeting.

We reported yesterday that important government figures had sent a meeting message that was not accepted to convince angry members. Angry members said that they should meet Prime Minister Imran Khan because his demands and concerns can only be removed.

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