Goods Transporters Strike Losses $ 1.5 Million in Eight Days

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ISLAMABAD: Vegetable and fruit vendors have lost $ 1.5 million in one week from a strike by Goods transporters in Pakistan.

Containers are being held in different parts of the country due to the failure of negotiations between the government and transporters, and overseas shipments are hampered.

Transporters Alliance spokesman Aidad Hussain Naqvi told Hum News that he was in touch with the government for talks and a solution would be found soon.

He said that we hope Razzaq Dawood and Governor Imran Ismail will play a positive role in ending overloading, export of products manufactured by local and domestic industries will be restored only after the approval of the demand.

He said there are two international ports in Karachi, but there is no parking yard available for transporters to park their trucks, trailers and car carriers.

Goods Transporters demand that Federal Minister for Communications Murat Saeed should resign immediately, fully implement Excel Load SRO 2000, renew a driving license fee, withdraw a one-thousand-fold increase, token fee The withdrawal of the root permit fee being received by the Sindh government more than other provinces should be withdrawn.

The only link between Karachi Port and Qasim Port should be opened for Mai Kalachi Local Goods Transporters.

Demand for Goods Transporters Implementation of the Excel Load Law, Opening of Local Goods Transporters and Driving License Issues at the Mai Kolachi Highway.

According to the Association of Traders Delivery of Fruits and Vegetables, 144 container containers of canoes, tomatoes and onions could not reach the ports due to the strike. New orders and imports from overseas are feared due to a strike by traders.

Be aware that fruits and vegetables have the shortest duration and are intended to reach the market as quickly as possible. Due to non-availability of Pakistani fruits and vegetables in overseas markets, Indian products will find a place which is likely to reduce Pakistan's exports.

what's the problem?

The National Highway Safety Ordinance 2000 had decided to strictly implement the Excel load (weight limit on vehicles) set for June 1, 2019.

Later on, Assistant Special Officer Firdous Ashiq Awan tweeted that the government had suspended the Axel Load Act on the M Nine Motorway.

The Islamabad High Court, in a decision on the said law, said it could not be suspended by the court and the administration. The court directed the authorities concerned in November 2019 to ensure the execution of the Excel Load Act in accordance with its spirit.

In 1991, the National Highway Authority set a limit on the quality and weight of vehicles to protect national highways from breakdowns, reduce traffic accidents and facilitate transporters. According to which, at a crossroads, transporters face heavy fines.

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