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Naseem Shah, the young fast bowler of the national team, became the second youngest fast bowler in the world to score 5 wickets in a Test cricket innings.

Naseem Shah played a crucial role in the victory of the national team by taking 31 for 5 in 12 overs in the second innings of the Karachi Test against Sri Lanka.

Naseem Shah lbw Sri Lanka's Vishwa Fernando when it was his fifth and Sri Lanka's last wicket.

Sri Lanka defeated Karachi Test, Pakistan named the series

Naseem Shah became the second fastest player in the world to become the youngest fast bowler to take 5 wickets in a Test cricket innings.

The young fast bowler performed the feat in 16 years 311 days, before the award was given to Shahadat Hussain of Bangladesh, who received the award in 17 years 213 days.

The youngest player to take 5 wickets in the world also belongs to Pakistan.

Pakistan's Naseem Al-Ghani received the award in 16 years 308 days but he was a left arm spinner.

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