Kashana scandal: Former minister Ajmal Cheema gets clean chit

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Former Punjab state minister Ajmal Cheema has received a clean chit on charges of harassing girls accused by ex-superintendent Afsan Latif of Kashana Lahore.

Former Kashana superintendent Afshan Latif, who is an orphan and helpless girl in Township, Lahore, had alleged some time ago that forced marriages of minor girls were held in Kashaana and the state minister Ajmal Cheema also met the ex-girls. The superintendent was also involved.

Afshan Latif has also approached the Lahore High Court in this regard and, in his petition, requested the Judicial Commission to investigate the matter.

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The allegations of Afshan Latif were termed as the drama of the opposition Punjab Muslim League-N by the chairman Punjab Bait-ul-Malik Azam and Ajmal Cheema, while the former superintendent also denied the allegations.

According to sources, the Investigation Team has prepared a report of investigation into the allegations of child molestation in Kashana and submitted to Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar.

Sources said that the allegations leveled by Afsan Latif were baseless in the report.

Chairman of the inspection team, Dr Raheel Siddiqui, said that the investigation did not find evidence of abduction or sending girls anywhere, and Usman Bazdar was reported in this regard.

Dr Raheel Siddiqui said that Afshan Latif had made several allegations which were investigated which did not prove to be correct.

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