file photo: imrna khan & shahbaz sharif

ISLAMABAD: Consultation with Prime Minister Imran Khan and Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif on the appointment of Chief Election Commission could not take place.

Sources told The News that the matter is likely to be discussed in the Parliamentary Committee tomorrow.

Consulting the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition for the appointment of the Election Commission and members is a constitutional requirement.

Chief Election Commissioner: Did the PML-N agree on Imran Khan's proposed name?
According to sources, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition gave their names but could not directly consult.

He said the names coming up were considered by both parties at the senior party leadership level.

It is being reported that the PML-N had agreed on Fazal Abbas Meekan in the government names, while the conduct of the opposition in the nominations of the government was better.

According to sources, the current Secretary of State for the Chief Election Commissioner is Babar Yaqub, but the PML-N has some reservations. In the Parliamentary Committee, the matter can be resolved under some two.

He added that the opposition wants approval of its names from Sindh and Balochistan in exchange for government support for the Chief Election Commissioner.

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