Amna Mufti's column: Across the borders of mediation!

Amna Mufti's column: Across the borders of mediation!

Ana Mufti's column: Across the borders of mediation!

Curfew has been two months in Indian-administered Kashmir today. Internet and mobile phone services are also suspended. The news that goes into earshot is not good. Global conscience, too, came away with good.

Pakistan has done as much as it can to protest. At the UN General Assembly session, Prime Minister Imran Khan described the situation with great pain and confused the world's conscience, but the thing is that the world conscience is trying to rattle the world on other issues in Kashmir. How will Sri Lanka stand up for?

Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly said that we should not give up fighting or we will drop bombs. The world conscience takes such a big tear on this statement and falls asleep again.

Read a report last week that examined the damage from the war between Pakistan and India with a very cold heart and mind. After reading the report I realized that this report is not a map of the situation that has already been prepared.

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Hold Your Ting!

The step that the Modi government took today was not taken during the wars between India and Pakistan, though these wars were fought on the same issue.

India is one of the major democracies in the world, pointing to this kind of inhuman and undemocratic decision.

Find the great powers of the world, the First and Second World War, fight in your own courtyards. Some analysts even say that if Britain's foundations were not shaken in World War II, India might not have been free in the next five hundred years. Well, what about analysts? They always say something all the time.
But there is also a fact that there is no market bigger than war. This is big lucrative business. After the Industrial Revolution, the battle to find markets for the consumption of their goods began, which culminated in the colonial era. But the consumption of the material is still to be, the raw material is still.
Needless to say, the civilized world repented of the war. Made war minister defense but did the world end wars?

Not at all. That's enough, now wars are fought in someone else's home. Societies are ruined there and people die for them too. The war arose from the streets of Europe and America and camped in Asia, Central Asia, the Far East, and Africa.
After World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the war in Afghanistan and Russia, the Iran-Iraq War, the Kuwait War, the Bosnian War, the US-Afghanistan War, the US-Iraq War, the US invasion of Libya, Syria and Yemen's wars, naming the breath, and many events disappear.

How much peace has the world seen in the last 70 years? Were these wars really the people of these areas? Did the Vietnamese want to fight the United States? Did the people in Kuwait or the Iraqis want these wars?

I think the war was not a choice. As in the colonial period, India was guilty of it. In this same pact, it is the fault of the nations that win each pledge that they have the resources.

Today, the news is heard that Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front workers are crossing LoC and want to go to Srinagar. Prime Minister Imran Khan's statement also underlines that whoever crosses the LoC will play in the hands of the Indian narrator.
Now the situation is that Pakistan has raised a lot of noise all over the world that we do not want war and at present, our demand is only to remove curfew from the valley. At that time, if the workers of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front are allowed to cross the border, India will not only suffer from it but will also try to cross the border into the Pakistan-administered part of Kashmir. Obviously, this will be an open war.

Otherwise, if the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front is prevented from crossing the border, it will be an abuse of Kashmir by Pakistan.

Kashmir's prime minister Raja Farooq Haider said that women open the door every day in Srinagar to see that the Pakistani army has come into the valley.

People who are soft-hearted at these things cry if there is anything to cry about but we are crying but things have gotten worse. Standing eyes on the OC.
They do not want to fight, but we do not see that the battle has begun. Modi, who took this step, has nothing to do with the Dal Lake bagels and sapphires. They are not interested in Srinagar's brides whose marriages are being silenced in the curfew, nor do they make emotional statements of Raja Farooq Haider.

The eagles that I used to see sitting on the Himalayan peaks two months ago now look inclined towards the Ganges and Indus plains. Have a tough time.

There is destruction across and beyond the border of mediation. Toba Tek Singh still stands on Nine Mains Land. "Opar the Gar Gadh of the Annex of the Bay is unheard of ..." But today he gets caught up in thinking instead of saying 'India and Pakistan Government the Durfee Manh'.

Alas, that unfortunate region in which the responsibility of thinking for peace has also fallen on the shoulders of madmen like Toba Tek Singh.

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