Beware of the dove of Muslims

 Beware of the dove of Muslims,

 do you know why the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) instructed to keep a pair of pigeons in the house, knowing that everyone will do so. This bird is often kept in houses and in addition to houses it is also present in shrines. It is said that the dove is the animal for which Prophet Noah prayed for peace and security and that is why the dove is from the human population. Is accustomed and the crow is cursed with fear

This is why the crow is a nuisance to the human population. 

That is why people still consider it ominous. Today we are going to tell you what it is like to raise a pigeon at home and when a pigeon curses. Talking about raising pigeons. Before you do, there is an old story about a dove. In the commentaries, it is said that when Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) stopped the ark on Mount Judi, he opened the part of the ark where the birds lived. See how much water there is on it or how much the city has been drowned. The crow found a dead animal. He got drunk on it. He did not come back. There is a famous Arab story about this. So it takes longer than the well. He needed a dry and hard land, so he sent a dove to delay it. He did not see any part of the land. That is why he came to find the olive tree. Noah guessed that the water was low From which the trees have appeared but it is under water. He stayed for a few days and then sent the same dove. Then his feet slipped in the mud of the earth and he came back. Noah saw it and guessed. Or now the water has been absorbed in the earth but the earth has not dried up. Noah was very happy about this action of the dove and put a green shackle around his neck. Pray for peace and security for the pigeon. That is why the pigeon is accustomed to the human population and the raven is afraid of the crow. That is why the crow is harassing the human population.

That is why people still consider it ominous

 (Tafsir Ruhul Bayan vol. 5). This was the story of a dove. And rearing is permissible as long as their food and protection from cold, heat and rain are provided. And when the family goes out somewhere, they should take proper care of their food and care. The younger brother of Syedna Anas had kept a bird and when the Messenger of Allah (saw) came to him, he would say to him: O Abu Umayr bird! (Bukhari H 6129) This hadith proves that he did not forbid the keeping of birds. If it was forbidden to raise birds in the house, then he would have forbidden the brother of Anas to do so. Based on the same narration. It is said that it is permissible to raise birds at home, but as mentioned earlier, in order to raise them, it is necessary to meet all the needs of the birds so that the birds are not harmed in any way. It is a bird, so it is not proper to keep pigeons in the house. Remember that it is forbidden to harass birds, as mentioned in a hadith narrated by Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood in Abu Dawud in which the pigeon is mentioned in which Mubarak was sitting on Mubarak and was complaining in his own language that someone had picked up eggs from his nest. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) announced to his Companions When Anna accepted, he was ordered

If they put the eggs back in the nest, then it is clear from this tradition that it is not permissible to harass the birds and it is forbidden to harass the birds because of the possibility of cursing the birds and since pigeons are also among the birds that It has been a favorite of the prophets. Therefore, if a pigeon is persecuted, it can also curse. Therefore, persecution of a pigeon should be avoided. With reference to the pigeon, it tells you what the Islamic teachings say about it. It is said in the hadiths that domestic pigeons miss God very much, keep the Ahl al-Bayt as friends and pray to the owner of the house that Allah bless you. When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) complained of loneliness, he said, “Take a pair of pigeons.” Jaffar said, “The dove is one of the birds of the Prophets. No bird is loved as much as a dove. You said that the house in which there are pigeons will be safe from the calamities of the jinn because the children of the jinn play in the house where the pigeons are. They are busy and do not pay attention to men. Similarly, in another tradition, the fall of a dove on its wings causes the devils to hate and flee. From these traditions, it is known that keeping pigeons in the house is a blessing. And as you have asked the Companions to raise pigeons at home, it shows that it is good to raise pigeons.

It is associated with pigeon rearing. Remember that some people keep pigeons with passion. Their hobby is to the extent of raising pigeons, but some people raise pigeons with the intention of pigeon flying and since pigeon flying is a waste of time and money. Remember that pigeon rearing is an expensive and labor intensive hobby compared to pigeon flying if it is in extreme heat but their preparation continues throughout the year. Enthusiasts spend millions of rupees on one pigeon at a time. Is trained from and

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