FATF Summit, China Demands 

Support to Pakistan


Beijing: China during the meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) called Pakistan's measures satisfactory and demanded Pakistan's assistance.

China's FATF meeting concludes, but Pakistan's fate regarding the exit of the gray list or blacklisting will be decided in a scheduled meeting on February 16 in Paris.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Pakistan has taken clear steps and the world should acknowledge Pakistan's efforts.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed hope that the FATF would provide Pakistan with constructive assistance against terrorism.

The spokesperson also said that Pakistan needs to recognize positive thinking and dynamic actions.

Official talks between Pakistan and FATF officials took place in Beijing January 21 and 22.

During the two-day formal talks, four different sessions took place, in which the Pakistani delegation presented its stand during various meetings.

In the session held on Thursday, FATF officials took a detailed look at Pakistan's progress report.

Pakistan's report included details of the penalties for financing terrorists.

In addition, briefings were given on the actions against various banned parties and the punishments imposed in this regard.

The FATF team was comprised of members from 14 countries, headed by China's DG Financial Investigation Unit.

Overall, Pakistan's response to the progress report was encouraging, while members of the US and European countries praised the Pakistani initiatives.

India was also prevented from making unnecessary questions by other countries.

The Joint Working Group will present the report on Pakistan at the next meeting of the FATF, which will be held in Paris from 16 to 19 February.

At this crucial meeting, FATF officials will decide whether to place Pakistan on a gray, white or black list.

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