Malik Riaz: 190 million pounds to be deposited in Supreme Court: Barrister Shahzad Akbar

Malik Riaz: 190 million pounds to be deposited in Supreme Court: Barrister Shahzad Akbar

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      The Prime Minister's Assistant Special Accountability Barrister Shahzad Akbar has said that £ 190m from the UK will go to the Supreme Court. He has confirmed that £ 190m has been received from Britain through Pakistan via 'Telegraphic Transfer' (TT).

         Addressing the press conference, Barrister Shahzad Akbar said that £ 190m from Malik Riyadh has been transferred to the Government of Pakistan immediately but after signing a confidentiality affidavit, details of the settlement could not be made. Are.
         Shahzad Akbar said it was the first time the country had received so much money back.
         He also claimed to have received new evidence of money laundering regarding the opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif and his family in the National Assembly at the press conference.

        On a question asked about Malik Riaz, Shahzad Akbar said, “There was a press release from us. They make 28 billion rupees. "
       Journalists said they were worth 39 billion, which they said had their calculator stopped at $ 250 million.
        Earlier, Malik Riaz took to Twitter to say that he had to sell his disclosed legal property and deposit £ 190m in a Bahria Town Karachi case. Malik Riaz had agreed to pay Rs 460 billion in installments in settlement with the Supreme Court.
        In another tweet, Malik Riaz also claimed that his settlement was a civil case.

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        Barrister Shahzad Akbar said in his press conference that it was necessary to clarify that this was a civil matter and that the money was found to result in a settlement without a lawsuit.
       "We are grateful to the British Government and the NCA for making this case a logical end in such a short time."
       When the journalist asked the question, a video has also appeared in London with your countryman Riaz in which you can see a bag full of stuff in his hand. Without saying that it was his laptop.
       Shahzad Akbar added that 190 million pounds could not be found in a bag and that he had also identified the person who made the video.

'Isn't the Supreme Court of Pakistan'?

        During the conference, the journalist questioned whether the money from Malik Riaz will go to the Supreme Court or to the State of Pakistan? Shahzad Akbar replied that it was written in the National Crime Agency (NCA) press release that the money would be transferred by the UK to the state of Pakistan.
        He said he was "unable to divulge further details under the Affidavit of Privacy."
       When reporters asked more questions, he said, 'This money will be deposited in the Supreme Court. Shahzad Akbar asked journalists if the money coming to the Supreme Court of Pakistan is not part of the State of Pakistan.
        He said, "The money will be deposited in the court and we have demanded from the court that it does not want to get the money to Sindh.
The background of the Riyadh settlement in the UK
         Earlier, according to a statement issued by the NCA on December 3, the settlement resulted in an investigation against Malik Riaz Hussein of the National Crime Agency.
        As per the settlement, Malik Riaz Hussein and his family, who will give £ 19m of assets / assets under the settlement, have the money in their freezing bank accounts, as well as a building called One Hyde Park Place, located in the central London area. An apartment is also worth around £ 500m.
       It is to be noted that during the BBC investigation, both the British National Crime Agency (NCA) and Pakistani authorities have confirmed that a settlement from Malik Riyadh in London resulted in the extra pounds. The money has been transferred to the state of Pakistan.
      In an SMS message, Assistant Prime Minister's Special Assistant for Accountability Barrister Shahzad Akbar told the BBC that the money had been transferred to the state of Pakistan.

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      It is to be noted that in the settlement of the British firm, the settlement has been said to give apartments worth five million pounds, while Malik Riaz says he has sold the property so that his money will be paid to the Supreme Court. Could be done.
       When BBC Urdu contacted Malik Riaz's spokesman, Colonel Retired Khalilur Rehman, he said Malik Riaz had given his stand on the issue.
       It is to be noted that Malik Riaz is one of the richest people in Pakistan and he is the founder of the Bahrain Group of Companies which is considered as the largest private company in the construction sector.
       Malik Riaz also agreed to pay Rs 460 billion to Pakistan's Supreme Court in March this year, in return for which the Supreme Court ordered him to abolish all cases relating to the Bahria Town of Karachi.
        According to Bahria Town Counsel Ali Zafar, the amount of Rs 460 billion will be deposited in the Supreme Court's account and after this the Supreme Court will develop a plan to make the money which will be made clear in the detailed judgment. ۔

460 billion settlement between Pakistan's Supreme Court and Malik Riaz
           On May 4 last year, Pakistan's Supreme Court, in a majority decision, ruled on Bahria Town land applications in Karachi, declaring Bahria Town an illegal allotment of public land.In its decision, the court ordered the matter to be sent to the NAB and completed the investigation within three months and filed references against those responsible.
           To avoid these references and legal proceedings, Malik Riaz, in settlement with the Supreme Court of Pakistan, agreed to pay Rs 460 billion to justify illegal allotment of Karachi Bahria Town.The Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the termination of all cases related to Malik Riaz for Rs 460 billion against him in Karachi Bahria Town, which may have happened for the first time in the country's history.

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